Shaping change.

We are characterized by our creative drive. We strive to help shape change. We therefore made the topic of sustainability our company’s focus years ago. As a family-run business, but above all as a plastics and foam processing company, we are aware of our responsibility. With our Group-wide sustainability strategy Plastics for Life, we already firmly established responsible activities in our corporate strategy in 2015. We want to actively contribute to sustainable development and to solving the global challenges of our time.

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„No one can solve the challenge of a more sustainable world alone. But we must all do our part.“

Axel Kühner – CEO Greiner AG

„The requirements of companies have changed and it is about finding answers to this.“

Hannes Moser – CFO Greiner AG

„Any one plastic ­packaging that is not properly ­disposed of and released into the environment is one too many.“

Manfred Stanek – CEO Greiner Packaging International GmbH

„Sustainable behavior is not an option but rather an obligation for all our suppliers.“

Rainer Perneker – CEO Greiner Bio-One International GMBH

„We are convinced that merely increasing resource efficiency will not be sufficient.“

Michael Schleiss – CEO Greiner Foam International GmbH

„Wherever we are in the world as a company, we want to be a good neighbor. “

Gerhard Ohler – CEO Greiner Extrusion Group GmbH

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