Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

Anders Wijkman: “We must work together!”

Russia’s attack on Ukraine is keeping the world on alert. What we are seeing is a major humanitarian crisis in Europe and beyond. But how did it come to this, and how does this crisis affect us all?

From human rights abuses to ecosystem destruction: We talk to the former top politician and UN diplomat Anders Wijkman about the war in Ukraine, the value of democracy, and the future of our planet. For Greiner, as an international company with factories in Russia and Ukraine, the terrible war on the European continent has many direct implications.

Anders Wijkman has made an enormous impact on politics and our environment in his life and career. He has been a long-term member of the European Parliament, a member of the Swedish Parliament, and at the peak of his career, he served as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. He is the Honorary President of the Club of Rome, an author and an opinion leader. In books such as Bankrupting Nature and Come On!, Anders Wijkman addresses the future of our planet and sustainable economic systems. Listen in and learn more!

"I think every effort should be made to make peace – because every day there is more destruction, there is more killing. And I think we have not done enough!"

Anders Wijkman, Honorary President Club of Rome

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Vanessa Riedmüller