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We have done it again! Greiner has once more improved its climate reporting

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With a CDP “B” rating we have started the year with a signal that demonstrates clearly the significance that we attach to the fight against climate change. CDP assesses over 8,000 companies annually with regard to their measures for the reduction of greenhouse gases and subsequently honors leading enterprises worldwide. Our CDP “B” rating not only represents the best in our CDP history, but also means that we now number among the leaders in our industrial field.

Climate change constitutes the social and environmental policy challenge of the decade. If as a global community we wish to achieve the targets established at the Paris Climate Conference (COP21) in December 2015, above all massive efforts are required in the private sector. This naturally applies to us at Greiner, as well as all the other companies around the world.

The Paris agreement incorporates a global action plan, which is intended to limit global warming to well under 2°C as a means of counteracting dangerous climate change. One constant in this respect is a cut in harmful greenhouse gas emissions. As a concern, in recent years we have dealt with our CO² emissions and climate reporting at great length. Always in the knowledge that we bear a great entrepreneurial responsibility and that companies, which measure environmental risk are in a far better position to manage it strategically.

Accordingly, for the past four years we have revealed our greenhouse gas emission statistics via CDP. This is a non-profit making organization founded in 2000, which motivates companies to declare their implications for the environment and natural resources, and hence reduce negative effects. CDP employs evaluation methods in order to offer firms incentives to measure and manage environmental impact through participation in the CDP programs for climate change, water, forests and supply chains. Once a year, investors voluntarily request CDP to gather data on CO² emissions, resource consumption, climate- und water-related risks and opportunities, as well as parameters and objectives, which then flow into the business strategies of the companies.

CDP rates companies on a scale from A to D and the best, pioneering companies, which lead the way with regard to environmental transparency and performance, are included in the annual CDP A-list. We at Greiner are endeavoring to continually enhance our climate reporting and make progress in the direction of greater environmental protection. The improvement in our CDP rating from C- (2018) to B (2019) was one of our goals for 2020 and we have thus taken a further sizable step forward and are on the right track.

CDP’s annual publication and evaluation of environmental factors continues to be recognized as the gold standard for corporate environmental transparency. We from Greiner are most gratified with the result and cannot thank enough the colleagues and business partners, who play an ongoing role in this process. At present, climate change is a key issue and will remain so in the future. It demands constant vigilance and we will not cease to better our performance and intensify our efforts because we wish to demonstrate that economic activity can also be sustainable.

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