Author: Greiner AG

Das Zeitalter der Komplexität: Greiner at the Europäischen Forum Alpbach

Every year, people from all over the world meet at the European Forum Alpbach in Tyrol to discuss the most burning issues of our time. Beatrix Praeceptor, CEO Greiner Packaging, exchanged views with experts on the most complex challenges of our time in the session “The Age of Complexity” organized by Greiner.

In order to face the multiple crises of our time, such as the climate crisis and the labor shortage, and to actively shape the future despite great uncertainty, we need in particular the ability to deal with complexity. In an interactive session, Beatrix Praeceptor, CEO Greiner Packaging, Sigrid Maurer, Austrian Member of the National Council, Klubobfrau Die Grünen, Dirk Brockmann, German complexity researcher, and Cecilia Hertz, Swedish expert on space technology, sought answers to the questions of how we can solve the most complex challenges of our

After a lively panel discussion in which the speakers explained their approach to complexity, the session’s 60 or so participants were asked to provide input. In a workshop setting, they discussed together with the speakers which solutions, actors and obstacles could be found for five concrete challenges: Climate crisis, social inequality, scarcity of resources, future of democracy and labor shortage.

"We must manage to simplify complexity in such a way that it can be communicated about. People need to know where the priorities lie. The various stakeholders and perspectives must not be forgotten so that a holistic picture can be developed for a solution."

Beatrix Praeceptor, CEO Greiner Packaging

The results of the workshop session showed that we all need to pull together. As diverse as the crises of our time are, the obstacles, solutions and groups involved are often similar. And to solve the major crises of our time, all stakeholders – including politicians, individuals and companies – must work together.


Greiner AG