A closed loop

We at Greiner do not consider efficient growth and the reduction of our ecological footprint to be contradictory. We are convinced that one solution to achieving our goal is a circular business model. Contrary to an outdated linear logic, the circular economy reduces waste and makes more efficient use of resources.

In a circular business model, resource use, waste, emissions and energy loss are minimized in that energy and material loops are slowed down, closed or narrowed.

Graphic on the recycling of products. Graphic on the recycling of products.

We are aware that we will not be able to make substantial progress without implementation and investment in our management processes. To that end, we have already taken big steps in the past, invested heavily in processes, and have resolved to continue to do this in the future. Today, 42 percent of our production sites worldwide have an environmental management system according to ISO 14001. Our goal is to introduce an environmental management system at all production sites which already have a certified quality management system and to have these certified by 2023. This investment will help us be more resource-efficient, and therefore protect the environment.

Figure on the 55 production sites. Figure on the 55 production sites.