Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

Green Chemistry: Designing a sustainable future

Toxic substances, unavoidable accidents, and global crises. In this episode of Greiner Talks, successful American chemist John Warner tells us how Green Chemistry can help achieve a more sustainable future.

For generations, chemists have been transforming what nature has to offer into very useful products. However, as we know today, negative impacts on our environment have often been neglected. Thus, we are challenged more than ever to decrease the usage and production of hazardous substances and to curb global climate change.

In Greiner Talks, charismatic scientist John Warner argues that chemists in the 21st century must drastically adapt their working methods. For him, it is particularly important to change the way chemistry is taught. We need to adapt to the challenges of today. Listen in and find out more!

"My dream for the plastics industry is to become more biobased."

John C. Warner, Co-Founder of Green Chemistry & Beyond Benign

John Warner is a scientist, inventor and entrepreneur. His non-profit organization Beyond Benign is committed to popularizing the scientific concept of “Green Chemistry”. As a professor, he teaches this new approach to chemistry at numerous renowned universities. At the same time, John Warner sits on the board of directors of industrial giants such as The Dow Chemical Company and he also lectures around the globe.

Greiner Talks is our podcast focusing on sustainability and transformation. Alexander Berth regularly talks to experts from across the world about the prospects and opportunities offered by a sustainable economy and society.

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Vanessa Riedmüller