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Greiner improves its CDP Water rating

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In 2019, we have disclosed water-related risks for the second time through CDP, a leading disclosure system to manage environmental impact. Greiner has now improved its CDP Water score from C- to B-.

Water is essential for all life on our planet. Yet more than 25% of the world’s population lacks access to safe drinking water, a fundamental human right as recognized by the United Nations in 2010. Moreover, around 80% of wastewater is still released untreated. But the growing global population is dependent on clean water – and so are we at Greiner as a leading company in the plastic and foam industry. It is therefore natural for us to consider water as a material topic.

At Greiner, water is mainly used for heating and cooling circuits, as well as for the operation of our sanitation facilities. Most of the water used is groundwater. By measuring total withdrawal, discharge and consumption, we are able to monitor and reduce potential resource-stress. We have been disclosing this data trough CDP since 2018 as we believe that transparency is key to improving our sustainability performance.

As a first step towards assessing water-related risks of our businesses, all Greiner production sites have been mapped against the WWF Water Risk Filter. Out of 54 production sites around the globe, 16 are located in water-stressed areas. Especially at these locations, the introduction of closed water cycles has been essential. Step by step, we aim to reduce our water intake and avoid any water pollution.

CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, is an international non-profit organization supporting companies and communities in disclosing data related to environmental impact. Ratings in the categories Climate, Water and Forestry range from A to D. Pioneering companies and communities are then included in CDP’s annual A-list. We at Greiner want to move in this direction. The improvement in our CDP Climate rating from C- (2018) to B (2019) was one of our main goals for 2020, which we have achieved earlier this year.

Learn more about CDP and dive into the Global Water Report 2019.

"The race to deliver a water-secure future has begun, and companies have a central role to play (CDP)."


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