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Greiner Talks: Stay safe, be human!

What do you think of when you hear “occupational health and safety”? Perhaps you think about workplace rules, posters informing you about protective clothing or forms to be filled out after an accident? It is not always easy to be passionate about this topic. But it relates to the most important thing in the world: the personal health of every single person.

Mental and physical health cannot be taken for granted – the pandemic has taught us that. We are more familiar with rules and regulations than ever before. Our guest in the latest episode of Greiner Talks is proof that health and safety doesn’t have to be a dry subject. In her performances, actress Emma Currie combines the topic of occupational health and safety with a whole range of emotions. She has made it her mission to bring more of a human element to the structured world of major companies.

"Health and safety is about one thing: having a good life."

Emma Currie, Actress & Founder of Acting Up

Born in the UK, Emma Currie is the founder of the company “Acting Up”. In our podcast, she speaks about her acting performances, which tell a personal story using unconventional methods. After all, workplace health and safety is seen as trivial only until something happens: an accident can change a person’s life in just a few seconds. Emma Currie explains how important it is for us to maintain a human touch and talk to each other. This is precisely how she helps her audience connect with unwieldy corporate topics.

Watch Emma Currie’s drama piece “Gail’s Shoes” and read more about Emma Currie’s company Acting Up.

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