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Greiner Talks: Will the Green Deal save Europe?

“By 2050, we will have a fully decarbonized economy.”

Climate crisis, plastic crisis, Corona pandemic. Not only Europe, but the entire world is facing enormous challenges. To overcome these challenges, we must all work together – businesses, society and politics. With the so-called Green Deal, the European Union adopted a landmark agreement in December 2019 to set the framework for a sustainable economy and society. But is the Green Deal the gamechanger we need?

In the latest episode of Greiner Talks, we speak to Maria Spyraki, who is a Member of the European Parliament for the European People’s Party. Since 2014, the Greek native has been dealing with topics such as innovation, circular economy and sustainable development in the EU Parliament in Brussels. What are the implications of the European Green Deal for the plastics industry, how far are we in implementing an environmentally friendly circular economy, and what contribution can we make as a global company? Listen in and learn more.

Greiner Talks is our podcast series. We regularly meet with experts from all over the world to exchange views on the topic of “Sustainability and Transformation” and discuss the perspectives and opportunities of a sustainable economy and society.

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