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Greiner Talks: Sustainable finance for a better tomorrow

“Financial decisions need to integrate sustainability considerations”

When we think of sustainability, we often think of our planet and our responsibility towards the next generations. The topic of finance is usually not on top of our minds. Yet every financial decision we take has an impact on our environment and society. In fact, finance is one of the key elements for sustainable transformation. Banks, companies and investors are increasingly aware of this – the world of finance is changing.

In this podcast episode of Greiner Talks, we speak with Richard Mattison, CEO of Trucost. Richard is one of the world’s leading experts when it comes to sustainable finance. His company, Trucost, is part of Standard & Poor’s Global and specializes in assessing and pricing risks around environmental, social and governance issues (“ESG risks”). Listen in to hear how banks think about sustainability, what transformation means for businesses, and why transparency is crucial for companies.

Learning from others

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of plastics and foam solutions, Greiner is more committed than ever to transformative business change. Accordingly, Alexander Berth from the Greiner sustainability team speaks to experts from around the world to share their perspectives. We are convinced that only together and in exchange with others can we achieve true change.

Greiner Talks is our podcast series. We regularly meet with experts from all over the world to exchange views on the topic of “Sustainability and Transformation” and discuss the perspectives and opportunities of a sustainable economy and society.

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