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Greiner Talks with Jane Goodall: Reasons for hope

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“We have to work out a new relationship with the natural world.”

Jane Goodall is an icon of behavioral science and anthropology. She is a tireless environmental activist, UN Messenger of Peace and founder of the Jane Goodall Institute. Her life and career are extraordinary. Her research on chimpanzees in the jungle of Tanzania in the 1960s fundamentally changed our understanding of human evolution. She was the first person to recognize that not only humans but also animals make and use tools. For decades, Jane Goodall has been an unstoppable defender and advocate for our planet and its wildlife.

In this episode of Greiner Talks, Jane Goodall shares how she perceived the boom of plastics in the 1960s, why she speaks on the sustainability podcast of a multinational corporation, and what message she sends to Greiner CEO Axel Kühner. Jane Goodall highlights the power of consumers and describes in an incomparable way what impact each one of us makes every single day of our lives. Jane Goodall relentlessly explains how the pandemic is connected to our own actions, why a new contract between humans and the environment is urgently needed, and how she remains hopeful.

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"Each single one of us, every day that we live, we make some impact. And certainly, everyone can choose the kind of impact that we make."

Jane Goodall, Founder the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

For more than 60 years, Jane Goodall has been a tireless advocate for our planet’s flora and fauna. The Times Magazine has included her in its 2019 list of the 100 most influential people – none other than Leonardo Di Caprio wrote the laudatory speech. On her own podcast series, The Hopecast, she welcomes guests like Dave Matthews and talks about humanity’s ability to change. She regularly gives interviews in the most important media of our time. Whether it’s the New York Times, National Geographic, or the BBC, Jane Goodall’s voice is heard by millions around the globe. We could not be more interested in Jane Goodall’s views on plastics, environmental pollution and corporate responsibility.

In Greiner Talks with Jane Goodall, we discuss the big issues of our time. How has our relationship with the environment changed over the past decades? Why are we destroying and polluting our only planet, even though we are well aware of the consequences of our actions? And how can we remain hopeful in times of extraordinary global challenges and crises? Questions to which there are no easy answers – but Jane Goodall’s ability to explain these complex issues with brain and heart is unparalleled. Listen in and form your own opinion!

Greiner Talks is our podcast series. Alexander Berth regularly meets with experts from all over the world to exchange views on the topic of “Sustainability and Transformation” and discuss the perspectives and opportunities of a sustainable economy and society.

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