Author: Alexander Berth

Greiner Talks: Actions speak louder than words

“Don´t point a finger and do what you can do to change.”

Many companies talk about their environmental and social responsibilities. But what of this is serious ambition and what is merely greenwashing? How can we know whether companies are being transparent about their goals, their achievements and their challenges? And how are journalists and media influencing the public debate on corporate responsibility?

In the latest episode of our podcast series, we talk to Oliver Balch – a journalist, author and researcher from the UK. Oliver writes for world-renowned media outlets such as The Guardian, Huffington Post and Financial Times. His topics: Climate change, human rights and international cooperation. Learn from Oliver about the role of media, their way to portrait these issues and how constructive collaboration can lead to real change. Listen in!

Greiner Talks is our podcast series. We regularly meet with experts from all over the world to exchange views on the topic of “Sustainability and Transformation” and discuss the perspectives and opportunities of a sustainable economy and society.

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Alexander Berth

Sustainability Communications Manager Greiner AG