Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

Around the World with Nermina

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How is it possible to juggle a job, studies, and parenthood? How much are we influenced by different cultures and experiences? And what vision is lived out at Greiner Bio-One? Nermina Cuzovic, assistant to Greiner Bio-One CEO Rainer Perneker, tells us all this and much more besides.

Our host Stefan Grafenhorst met Nermina at Vienna’s most famous street-food market: the Naschmarkt. Surrounded by a vast and varied range of fare, Nermina talks about her Yugoslavian roots and her time in the US and Italy. She also tells us how she has now made Austria her new home, together with her husband and two children. Nermina shatters typical stereotypes, and shows how far it’s possible to get with a positive attitude and a simple smile. Watch now!

"You can achieve as much as any man, if not more!"

Nermina Cuzovic, Assistant to CEO, Greiner Bio-One

Greiner Walks is our interview format. We talk to employees from all over the world about wishes, dreams, and hopes – without any script or guidelines. The specialty: Our guests choose where the conversation takes place themselves.

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Vanessa Riedmüller