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Greiner Walks: What makes you move?

Greiner Walks is our new interview format! Now it’s time to get out of the office, out of the workplace. We talk to employees from all over the world – without a written script or any guidelines. The specialty: Our interview partners choose the location of the conversation themselves. We are interested in one thing above all: What moves you? What do you wish for in the future? What is your message to the world?

Greiner CEO Axel Kühner kicks off this new series. In the interview with Stefan Grafenhorst, Global Head of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs at Greiner, Axel Kühner shares some exclusive insights, professional outlooks, and personal advice for the next generation. For this purpose, he has chosen one of the most beautiful places in Austria in the middle of the Alps. And not by chance: Hikes are an essential tool for Axel Kühner to discuss challenging and future-oriented topics at Greiner.

"The tougher and the rougher times get, the more you need to talk."

Axel Kühner, CEO Greiner AG

To be open, honest, and creative, you need the right environment – Axel Kühner is convinced of that. He talks about the enormous responsibility as Group CEO, explains where and when the topic of sustainability hooked him and shares his great wishes and hopes for the future. Axel Kühner’s philosophy: Change shapes our lives, which is why we must remain open-minded and embrace this change. Listen in!

Greiner Walks is our new interview format. We talk to employees from all over the world about wishes, dreams, and hopes – without any script or guidelines. The specialty: Our guests choose where the conversation takes place themselves.

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Alexander Berth

Sustainability Communications Manager Greiner AG