Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Interview with “The Forest Maker” Tony Rinaudo

In this Greiner Talks episode, agronomist Tony Rinaudo talks about why trees are like old friends to him and how he managed to drive reforestation in Africa.

„A true environmental hero“ – that’s how our host Alexander Berth announces the agronomist and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize (Right Livelihood Award) Tony Rinaudo in the interview. Rinaudo is also known as “The Forest Maker” and gives exciting insights into his love of forests, their great importance for the climate and his work on reforestation.

With the reforestation technique “Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration” (FMNR), which he developed, parts of the Sahel could be successfully revegetated. However, he sees the local communities and farmers as the real heroes of his work. Listen in now and learn more about Tony Rinaudo’s life!

"Forests help to maintain biodiversity, they regulate temperatures and the water cycle. They provide oxygen, timber and wild foods. They’re a place for recreation and help with our emotional and spiritual wellbeing."

Tony Rinaudo, agronomist and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize

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Elisabeth Brandstetter