Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Jane Goodall and Axel Kühner in conversation

The two met in Vienna to discuss the future of our planet, plastics, awareness and education as a way to a more sustainable world.

Axel Kühner and Jane Goodall met for the first time for a personal conversation in Vienna – after having been in contact via video messages and video calls before. During the conversation, they discussed responsibility, hope, the impact of plastic on the environment as well as the good sides of the material and the great importance of education. The two agreed that we need to do something about climate change now, but also that some things take time. Jane Goodall mentioned how impressed she is by the ideas and motivation of the younger generation. Sustainability can only work if people – especially young people – expand their knowledge in this area.

"What gives me hope is the commitment of the younger generation to the topic of climate protection. But it's also important that companies like Greiner work even harder on better recycling solutions in the future."

Jane Goodall, Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

Greiner as official partner of the Jane Goodall Institute Austria

Greiner’s partnership with the Jane Goodall Institute Austria is also in the spirit of educating young people. Since September 2022, Greiner has been supporting the “Roots & Shoots” initiative, which aims to motivate and support young people in shaping their future and actively influencing world affairs.

"As a family-owned company, the promotion of young people is particularly close to our hearts. We see investments in education and science not only as part of our social responsibility, but at the same time as indispensable for the continued existence of our society."

Axel Kühner, CEO Greiner AG

As part of the Roots & Shoots project “Wunder.Welt.Wald: Forschen im Wood.Wide.Web”, children, young people and educators are made aware of the importance of the forest as a living and recreational space, but also as a decisive factor for climate development.


Elisabeth Brandstetter