Greiner Talks: Listen to our new sustainability podcast!

Let’s talk about sustainability!

With “Greiner Talks” we are launching our new podcast format. We regularly meet with experts from all over the world to exchange views on the topic of “Sustainability and Transformation” and discuss the perspectives and opportunities of a sustainable economy and society.

As one of the world´s leading suppliers of plastics and foam solutions, Greiner is more committed than ever to transformative business change. Accordingly, Alexander Berth from the Greiner sustainability team confers with experts from around the world, in order to share their perspectives on sustainability transformation.

“Is it possible to live sustainably in a non-sustainable system?”

Our very first episode focuses on the big picture. Tune in and listen to our conversation with Fred Luks on living a sustainable life, the populism of simple solutions and an economic system that does not reflect the ecological truth.

The German-born, Vienna-based economist, researcher and publicist, Fred Luks, is a sustainability transformation expert with a wealth of know-how acquired as the sustainability manager of a major bank, guest professor at the University of Hamburg and co-founder of the Center for Sustainability at the Vienna University of Economics and Business.