Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Sustainable business – Manfred Stanek as a speaker at the Green Peak Festival

On September 22, 2022, the Green Peak Festival took place in Vienna for the first time. The one-day event was all about sustainability and climate protection. At the panel “Responsible Finance & Manufacturing Industry”, Manfred Stanek, CEO Greiner Packaging, discussed sustainable growth, innovations, responsibility and potentials for change together with Michael Höllerer, General Director Raiffeisen NÖ-Wien, Birgit Straka, CEO Viva Con Agua Austria, Jan-Jaap Verhoeve, CCO Plan A and Ami Appelbaum, Chief Scientist & Chairman of the Board of the Israel Innovation Authority.

Manfred Stanek emphasized that decarbonization and conventional growth do not go together and that the answer cannot be putting more new plastic material into circulation every year. The question is: How can we grow sustainably and develop new business models without generating more emissions? As a company, we have a great responsibility here. In addition, the social aspects must not be ignored: Achieving the climate targets is not only an ecological discussion, it is also a social discussion.

"Achieving the climate targets is not just an ecological discussion, it is also a social discussion. We can't grow as usual and decarbonize at the same time."

Manfred Stanek, CEO Greiner Packaging


Elisabeth Brandstetter