Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

Of privilege and optimism: Let’s meet Mary!

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Finding a new home, competing on the job market and being a working mother – life brings many challenges. Our colleague Mary shows us how to stay positive and optimistic.

Mary Rodriguez is the Quality Assurance Supervisor at Greiner Bio-One in North America. Originally from the Philippines, Mary and her husband have made Charlotte, North Carolina their new home. In this episode of Greiner Walks, she tells us what it’s like to settle in the U.S., about the challenges of being a working mother, and most importantly, how she manages to always keep her optimism.

Watch now and be captivated by Mary’s positive nature!

"Being pregnant, giving birth and working after that – it’s a struggle. Because I think it’s not right for a mother to leave her newborn that early."

Mary Rodriguez, Quality Assurance Supervisor, Greiner Bio-One

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Vanessa Riedmüller