Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Our new Climate Ambassadors: meeting in virtual reality

For the second time, 15 employees from Greiner Bio-One, NEVEON and Packaging are embarking on a very special journey: As Greiner Climate Ambassadors, they are learning to understand the climate crisis and exchanging ideas with each other.

Greg, Cagla, Claire, Simona, Stefan, Marcin, Fabian, John, Glauco, Natalia, Jennefer, David, Elias, Nermina and Johanna “met” each other as avatars for the first time in October. By using virtual reality, no miles had to be traveled, only a stable internet connection and virtual reality goggles were required.

The Climate Ambassadors went into a virtual Escape Room, where they had to wander from one room to the next. Together, they solved a wide variety of puzzles and reached their destination surprisingly quickly. Through these challenges, they strengthened their cohesion as a newly created cross-divisional team. Another meeting of the 15 Climate Ambassadors in virtual Dubai was devoted, among other things, to the content they would like to deal with more intensively during the ten months of the program. There was also enough time to talk in pairs and learn more about the motivation and backgrounds of the other colleagues.

"At the two virtual meetings, this year's Climate Ambassadors had the opportunity to get to know each other in an unusual environment. In a virtual Escape Room, they had to demonstrate team spirit and their problem-solving skills. "

Isabella Melbinger, Sustainability Manager and lead of the Climate Ambassador Program

The new Climate Ambassadors are excited about the launch of the program and saw these unusual first meetings as a thoroughly positive experience.

"For me, being a Climate Ambassador is not only a responsibility, but also a privilege. It's an opportunity to make a positive difference in the world and contribute to a more sustainable future for all. I enjoyed the VR meetings because they were a fun and immersive way to interact with others."

Simona Ionela Fratila, Climate Ambassador NEVEON

We wish the new Climate Ambassadors all the best and are excited to see what else they will learn throughout the program!


Elisabeth Brandstetter