Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Our pioneers: graduation of the first Greiner Climate Ambassadors

For ten months, Greiner employees built up knowledge in the field of climate protection, which they can pass on as climate ambassadors. In this article, we reveal what they experienced during this time.

The Climate Ambassador Program provides a group of trailblazers with the necessary skills to understand the current climate crisis and to question and change the way our company currently operates. A completely different question was raised at the beginning of the program: How do you get to know each other “in person” when your colleagues are on another continent? Exactly, by means of virtual reality glasses! In October 2022, the 15 Climate Ambassadors met for the first time in virtual space.

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To build up knowledge, the Greiner employees in the program were able to attend regular courses via an online platform. Our Climate Ambassadors finally met in person for the first time in March 2023 in Vienna. Axel Kühner, CEO of Greiner AG, was also there and took the opportunity to get to know the Climate Ambassadors. This meeting was not only about the exchange among each other but also about solving challenges in the field of sustainability. The challenges revolved around raising awareness among Greiner employees, cross-divisional cooperation and the sustainability of products.

In June 2023, the Greiner Climate Ambassadors attended the Green Tech Conference in Berlin. In addition, they use the time to continue working together on their challenges.

"I love the energy and passion that we shared in last months: Creating something very important for the Greiner community in terms of sustainability. "

Ivana Sekulic, Climate Ambassador Greiner Packaging

At the end of the program, the Climate Ambassadors presented the results of their challenges to the Greiner Sustainability Council. Even after the ten months are over, the employees will continue to work on promoting sustainability at Greiner. After all, we can only achieve our sustainability goals with the support of all employees.

Read more about the background of the Climate Ambassador Program here.

"The Climate Ambassador Program is designed to connect colleagues from all around the world for one common mission: Learn, exchange, and develop – all with the idea in mind to start a transformation process and create awareness for the topic of sustainability."

Isabella Melbinger, Sustainability Manager bei Greiner


Elisabeth Brandstetter