Plastics for Life – our sustainability strategy

Sustainability is more than just a trend. Sustainable action is the basic prerequisite for a future worth living. As plastics and foam processors, we, like all other companies, are committed to developing sustainable solutions that provide answers to the global challenges of our time. In view of a growing world population, our economy must be rethought: resource-efficient and ready for the future. We at Greiner are taking on this mammoth task.

We were convinced from the beginning that the more environmentally friendly and sustainable we are, the more successful we will be. It has always been obvious to us that changes and new approaches are an opportunity and bring long-term benefits. In 2015, we therefore initiated a strategy process that led to our sustainability strategy: Plastics for Life. It is the result of a long process and intensive talks with internal and external stakeholders. The name alone shows that we believe in plastics and their future. In short: With our sustainability strategy, we want to show that sustainability and plastics do not conflict with one another.

Chart on the sustainability strategy of Greiner.

The 2015 revision of our corporate strategy and the integration of sustainability principles in our business and governance structures was a new and import­ant chapter in our company history. Today, we are convinced more than ever that our strategy is successfully pointing the way to a circular business model, thereby laying the foundation for a profitable future.

To us, a sustainable company is more than just a company that saves energy. We have chosen a broad definition of sustainability: We want to be a sustainable employer, use resources in a sustainable manner, build sustainable customer relationships, develop sustainable products and also be a sustainable part of society.