Policies and codes of conduct

In addition to know-how and competence, an essential building block on the path to corporate success are the corporate values and thus the culture that characterizes cooperation within the company, but also with customers, suppliers and other partners.

The long-standing success of the Greiner Group is not only due to factors such as the highest quality, the continuous further development of our product portfolio or the advancement of innovative services, but is also based on the trust that our business partners place in us.

In order to create this trust and at the same time be prepared for the challenges of the future, we need clear specifications, guidelines and also instructions for action on our part, which are directed at the most diverse internal and external target groups depending on the focus. In this way, we ensure that the standards that apply to all are adhered to and at the same time create transparency with regard to our requirements and expectations.

Our guidelines are updated and supplemented on an ongoing basis.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

Sustainable Sourcing Policy

Modern Slavery Act Statement

DEI Mission Statement

DEI Policy

Inclusive Communication Guidelines