Eco design & innovation

An increasing number of people are consuming more and more. Our goal must therefore be to develop sustainable products whose environmental impact is drastically reduced.

In times of falling availability and above all increased demand for natural resources, these are becoming ever more precious. Against the background of climate change and increasing pressure on the environment, it is important to make our economic system with its production and consumption patterns fit for the future.

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We are convinced that a consistent eco design is a key factor for sustainable products. Eco design offers a holistic analysis of the impact of products and their use on the environment. Over the entire life cycle of a product, including production, transport, usage and disposal, diverse aspects are to be taken into account.

Graphic on eco design. Graphic on eco design.

Due to the relevance of the topic, we have made it our goal within the framework of our sustainability strategy for all of our product developments to take aspects of eco design into account in the development process by 2020. We thus create the basis to be able to also supply our customers in future with innovative and sustainable products from Greiner. In the Greiner Sustainability Report 2018 you will read more about what effects our four divisions are making in this regard.