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The fight against diseases and epidemics as well as the improvement of global health care has made huge progress over the last few decades. Innovations in medical products and pharmaceuticals are making a significant contribution to this success story.

Our colleagues at Greiner Bio-One contribute to improvements in health care worldwide. Greiner Bio-One is an international medical technology company active in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, medicine and in vitro diagnostics. The products are used in more than 100 countries around the world.

The company is divided into four business divisions:


The Greiner Bio-One business unit Preanalytics has therefore focused on the development of safety products in response to health care needs and the needs of medical personnel. These are product solutions to prevent needle stab injuries during blood collection. By using these products, the number of stab injuries can be reduced to a minimum. As prevention, the European social partners concluded a framework agreement that became a directive of the European Union in 2010. Similar rules apply in other countries such as the United States.

Injection cannulas in various colours.
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With our broad portfolio of safety products, we want to help reduce the number of needle stab injuries. The aim is to create safer working conditions in the health care sector.

Examples of our safety products are:

Injection cannulas against a white background.
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The safety tube holder is particularly suitable for routine blood collection. Nothing changes in the usual collection technique. The protective shield is activated either with the aid of a stable surface or with one hand with the thumb.


The safety cannula can be used both for venous blood collection and for injection purposes. The safety mechanism is an integral part of the product and is operated with one hand. With a broad portfolio, Greiner Bio-One is well positioned to offer maximum functional safety to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Safety blood collection set

The safety blood collection/infusion set is a sterile winged cannula intended for one-time use, connected to a flexible tube, with or without Luer adapter. It is used for blood collection and/or short-term infusion of intravenous fluids and is specially designed for patients with difficult venous conditions. Since the protective mechanism is activated while the needle is still in the vein, a high level of safety for the user is ensured. The acoustic activation signal of the safety mechanism and the visual venipuncture control in the view window offer additional protection.

Cannulas against a white background.
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