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Greiner Extrusion is the world’s leading supplier of extrusion lines, tools and complete lines for profile extrusion. The core competence is the process know-how in profile extrusion – from development and design through to production.

With six technology centers and 15 permanently available extrusion systems and one of the largest development centers in the entire industry Greiner Extrusion offers its customers a complete service spectrum for the development of customer-specific solutions. This enabled the market launch of pioneering technologies for digital automation solutions to minimize the use of materials and process recycled materials. In addition, we are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative solutions to further reduce material consumption in profile extrusion.

Greiner Extrusion FLOW.CONTROL.
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One of these innovations is FLOW.CONTROL, our solution for melt flow control. With melt flow control, individual profile sections are specifically slowed down or accelerated with hot or cold air. This makes it possible to reduce the material feed, precise profile geometries and shorter start-up times.


With FLOW.MATIC – a further development of FLOW.CONTROL – we demonstrate our innovative strength in the field of digitization: Functional measurements of profile parts are ensured fully automatically and permanently within seconds. The temperature and thus the melt flow is controlled directly in the nozzle by heating or cooling. When doing this, FLOW.MATIC measures the filling level of the individual profile sections and, together with the FLOW.CONTROL nozzle function, creates a fully automatic control loop. The reaction is visible within a few seconds. The result is constant profile measurements even if process fluctuations occur – and all entirely without manual intervention. The settings can be reproduced at any time. This makes it possible to reduce material usage to a minimum and at the same time reduce production waste, which significantly contributes to material efficiency. According to current internal calculations, the cost savings through material savings and lower scrap rate through FLOW.CONTROL are about 27,000 euros per year. By combining with FLOW.MATIC, the saving can even reach 48,000 euros per year.

Greiner Extrusion FLOW.MATIC.
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Solutions from Greiner Extrusion can also contribute to an increase in energy efficiency. With GESS.TRONIC, the Greiner energy-saving system, we facilitate substantial energy savings in profile extrusion. Most of the energy used in profile extrusion is consumed by the vacuum pumps in the calibration table. GESS.TRONIC reduces energy consumption by up to 90 percent by controlling these pumps as required and using side channel compressors for tank suction – this corresponds to up to 100,000 kilowatt hours per year, depending on the size of the plant. GESS.TRONIC can also be retrofitted in existing systems and thus constitutes an attractive option for every extrusion company.

Co-Extrusion with LAYER.COEX plus

LAYER.COEX plus is the latest co-extrusion technology from Greiner Extrusion. Co-extrusion is a process in which two or more plastic materials are extruded simultaneously through a single extrusion die. The innovative technology is used in many plastic products, such as profiles for plastic windows. It enables a significant cost reduction through a high use of mixed base material. Compared to mono-extrusion with new polyvinyl chloride (PVC), costs can be reduced by up to 18 percent. The innovative Greiner solution enables the use of recycling materials while at the same time ensuring the highest product quality – thereby contributing to a circular economy.

Greiner Co-Extrusion LAYER.COEX plus.
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