Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

Soccer, Sustainability & Harry Potter: Meet Nick!

What is so unique about the world’s greenest soccer club? Where does Nick’s enthusiasm for sustainability come from? And which Harry Potter movie set makes it into this edition of Greiner Walks?

For this episode, we caught up with Nick Rudge in Gloucester, UK. Nick is Marketing Manager for Greiner Bio-One UK as well as the UK Sustainability Lead. Sustainability has a particularly high priority for Nick: in his professional as well as in his private life. Together with Stefan Grafenhorst, Nick shows us his hometown, takes us to the greenest soccer club in the world and tells us about his job at Greiner Bio-One. Watch now!

"Businesses today need to be more than just profit driven, they need to make a difference in the community!"

Nick Rudge, Marketing Manager Greiner Bio-One UK


Vanessa Riedmüller