For the health of people in crisis regions

All people on the planet share a desire for health. However, this is a challenge particularly in crisis areas. We want to help to ensure that people on site are assisted through the modernization of the vital blood donation service.

Over the last three decades, progress has been achieved worldwide regarding improvement to the health of hundreds of millions of people. Life expectancy has risen worldwide, infant mortality has fallen, and great successes have been achieved in combating illnesses such as tuberculosis or malaria. Progress has undoubtedly been made but some regions still suffer from a high maternal and infant mortality rate, a high HIV rate and a constant burden from communicable and non-communicable diseases. The support of people in need of protection and ensuring that billions of people have improved access to medical care is of decisive importance for our future. At Greiner Bio-One, we therefore see it as our task to make a fundamental contribution to people’s health and to promote safety in the health sector. For this purpose, we entered into a project partnership with the Swiss Red Cross in 2019. The organization is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent, which is active with 191 national associations in the humanitarian sector – both in acute emergency situations disaster aid) and in continuous development cooperation.

Man examines samples in the laboratory.

Within the framework of the partnership, Greiner Bio-One is supporting a project of the Swiss Red Cross in which the focus is on the provision of safe blood reserves for Syrian refugees and the general public in Lebanon. In order to guarantee this vital service on a comprehensive scale, with good quality and maximum safety against diseases, the existing blood donation system is being modernized. The population is being sensitized for voluntary blood donations with campaigns and mobile blood donation activities. Parallel to this, employees of the blood transfusion centers are receiving initial and further training and are being given a safe work environment with modern laboratory equipment. By supporting this project, Greiner Bio-One wants to contribute to strengthening the blood donation service locally and thus improve people’s lives in Lebanon.