This is where true stories are told.

This is where true stories are told.

Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Houses made from plastic bottles? Yes, that exists!

The word “waste” in “plastic waste” is definitely out of place here: SINA (Social Innovation Academy) turns old plastic bottles into a useful resource in Africa. We as Greiner support […]

Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

“Our entry into the recycling business helps us to think in circles.”

Greiner Recycling has been part of the Greiner Group for around 1.5 years. We took this and Global Recycling Day as an opportunity to talk to Peter Fessl, Director Operations […]

Author: Christina Moritz

International Women’s Day: “We are not there yet.“

For over 100 years, we have been celebrating March 8 worldwide as a day for more equity and against discrimination against women. Sad, but true. Because we are still not […]

Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

CDP confirms our pioneering role in the area of climate

As Greiner, we report annually to the non-profit organization CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) and have our sustainability performance assessed. The good news: we were able to improve further in 2023 […]

Author: Alexander Berth

Psychology of Change with Pieter Kruger

In our rapidly evolving world, the ability to adapt to new circumstances and environments is essential. But what does change do to our human brain? How are organizations impacted by […]

Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Circular economy in the classroom: lesson with Beatrix Praeceptor

On February 28, 2024 Beatrix Praeceptor, CEO Greiner Packaging, changed her place of work for a day as a “guest fellow” of Teach For Austria and held a school lesson […]