This is where true stories are told.

This is where true stories are told.

Author: Valerie Thaller

Greiner Talks: Time for transparency

“If we want to see the change we need to see, we need to think and dream big.” Setting clear goals and measuring them transparently – that’s what sustainability is […]

Author: Alexander Berth

Greiner Talks with Jane Goodall: Reasons for hope

“We have to work out a new relationship with the natural world.” Jane Goodall is an icon of behavioral science and anthropology. She is a tireless environmental activist, UN Messenger […]

Author: Greiner AG

My time as trainee in the sustainability team

My name is Pavel Stanek and I am taking part in the Greiner Professional Program as an International Business Trainee. This program allows graduates to get to know Greiner as […]

Author: Alexander Berth

Greiner Talks: Actions speak louder than words

“Don´t point a finger and do what you can do to change.” Many companies talk about their environmental and social responsibilities. But what of this is serious ambition and what […]

Author: Greiner AG

Here it is: Our Sustainability Report 2020!

The task we are facing could not be more of a challenge. Our economy and society require ecological modernization. And time is running out. This decade will be crucial. So […]

Author: Greiner AG

Greiner Talks: Change from within

“Start from where you are and dream big.” Climate neutrality, circular economy, equal opportunities. What does all of that have to do with me? Our guest in this episode of […]