This is where true stories are told.

This is where true stories are told.

Author: Greiner AG

Elena Doms: What happens in the Arctic influences the whole world

In her Greiner Talks interview, Elena Doms shares her remarkable journey from growing up in the Arctic to becoming an advocate for sustainable change through her startup, Earth Plus. Her […]

Author: Greiner AG

MINTality Foundation: Cooperation with MS Losenstein

Greiner is a founding member of the MINTality Foundation and thus supports the advancement of women in technical professions/studies. The abbreviation MINT stands for mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, engineering […]

Author: Greiner AG

Interview with Stefan Grafenhorst on the Global Plastics Treaty

The third round of negotiations on a global plastics treaty will take place in Nairobi from November 13-19, 2023. In this interview, Stefan Grafenhorst, Vice President People & Sustainability Greiner […]

Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Our new Climate Ambassadors: meeting in virtual reality

For the second time, 15 employees from Greiner Bio-One, NEVEON and Packaging are embarking on a very special journey: As Greiner Climate Ambassadors, they are learning to understand the climate […]

Author: Greiner AG

Interview with biodiversity scientist Franz Essl

“We are in trouble, but every person, institution and company can make a difference!” In this episode, you can listen to an interview with Austrian Scientist of the Year 2022 […]

Author: Greiner AG

Interview with Ina Plank: Why is sustainability reporting important?

Data is also the basis for all strategic decisions and operational measures in the area of sustainability. After all, in order to improve, we need to measure our performance. And […]