Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

Sustainability and Transparency: Our CDP Scores 2022

With our reporting to CDP, we transparently show where we stand in the areas of climate, forest and water security. This year, we were again able to achieve a B score in the area of climate.

CDP is a non-profit organization that operates the global disclosure system for investors, companies, cities, states and regions to manage their environmental impacts. Companies, states, cities and regions are assisted in reporting on the management of their environmental impacts and are assigned grades A through D. The global business community considers CDP to be the gold standard of environmental reporting, with the richest and most comprehensive data set on corporate and city actions.

"Measuring progress on emissions reductions is critical if we are to limit temperature increases to no more than 1.5°C. We are committed to promoting transparency by joining more than 18,700 companies in submitting data to CDP on our environmental impacts and risks."

Marina Kunaeva, Sustainability Manager

Our 2022 scores in detail

This year, we took a step toward even greater transparency and decided to publish our CDP scores publicly on the CDP disclosure platform. In the area of climate, we were again able to achieve a B score and thus maintain our level. In order to achieve our goal of an A score in 2024, we will continue to work hard and look forward to this with confidence. For the first time since we started reporting to CDP, one of our scores deteriorated: We were only able to achieve a C score in the area of water safety. Whilst we accept this score, we realise the need to push even harder to improve. We will analyze the rating in detail in order to set the right measures for next year. In the forest area, we again received a C rating, as in the previous year.

"Our CDP scores this year show that we have to work even harder to achieve our goals. We are confident that we’ll reach an A score in the area of climate by 2024."

Marina Kunaeva, Sustainability Manager

Our goal: A score in climate

We have been reporting to CDP as Greiner since 2018, and in 2020 the area of forests was added. We have set ourselves the goal of achieving an A score in the area of climate by 2024. In 2018, we achieved a C score here, which we improved to a B score in 2019.

At Greiner, we are committed to continuously improving our climate reporting and making progress toward even greater environmental protection. Transparency and accountability on environmental issues are essential to track progress towards a sustainable future.

You can also find our CDP scores from 2021 on our blog.


Elisabeth Brandstetter