Author: Elisabeth Brandstetter

There is no way out of this crisis if we don’t collaborate

In an interview with Greiner Talks, Plan A Co-Founder and CEO Lubomila Jordanova spoke about the role of collaboration in addressing the climate crisis and why technology alone will not be enough to solve our problems.

One thing is clear: companies must take responsibility for those emissions they cause and ensure that their negative impact is reduced. Many companies that are actually competitors are already joining forces in initiatives to learn from each other. Because: “There is no way out of this crisis if we don’t work together.”

Lubomila Jordanova is considered one of the most influential founders in the European green tech landscape. Her startup Plan A, which she founded with Nathan Bonnisseau, has spent the last few years developing a CO2 reduction tool that allows companies to automatically calculate their emissions. According to Jordanova, technology is only useful if it is used at scale and if we understand it. Most importantly, we need to agree on a psychological level that we want to walk the Net Zero path together – as a society and as a business. Listen in now to learn more!

"We need to find ways in which we optimize our pathway to decarbonize the economy as fast as possible."

Lubomila Jordanova, Co-Founder and CEO of Plan A


Elisabeth Brandstetter