Author: Vanessa Riedmüller

THINK BIGGER – a special day with the Moonshot Pirates

On September 29, the Viennese startup Moonshot Pirates organized an extraordinary day for the new apprentices at Greiner.

Together with Moonshot Pirates, we organized a day full of action and knowledge transfer at the Greiner Campus in Kremsmünster. The “Moonshot Pirates Bootcamp” was designed to show young people what major challenges we are facing and how everyone can contribute to solving these challenges. From climate change to population growth and exponential technologies – many exciting topics were covered.

Under the slogan “THINK BIGGER”, the aim was to rethink our future and discuss the megatrends of our time. The apprentices learned how robots can change the world, how technology promotes sustainability and how certain megatrends are related to Greiner. The keynote speeches of former professional ice hockey player Dieter Kalt and the business coach Niki Skene left a special impression. They shared their own experiences and conveyed an inspiring message: “Each one of you holds the potential to make this world a better place!”

"The apprentices' creative drive is tremendous. They now have access to the Moonshot Pirates community and can develop their ideas with the help of mentors and courses."

Simon Rutar, Co-Founder Moonshot Pirates

During the day, the apprentices developed their own ideas and concepts on how to make our world a better place. Exciting approaches were presented ranging from the expansion of solar energy to the production of artificial meat. However, the bootcamp was only the start! The apprentices have now been invited to become part of the Moonshot Pirates community. In this online community, young people can attend workshops and lectures, participate in competitions, and network with mentors and other young people: a global community that creates meaning!


Vanessa Riedmüller