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Thoughts on World Clean Up Day by Thomas Edbauer

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Every year, people around the world use World Cleanup Day, which this year has been proclaimed for September 16, as an occasion for waste collection campaigns. As a company, we have called on people to join this initiative and do something together to combat environmental pollution.

As a global company in the plastics and foam industry, we are aware that waste collection is only a very small part of the solution. Establishing a circular economy is an important first step in ensuring that plastic no longer ends up in the environment in the future. We also see it as part of our responsibility to examine the environmental impact of a product from its development through its use and the entire life cycle. It is an integral part of Greiner’s sustainability strategy to further develop the circular economy, reduce environmental impacts and design products that can be recycled in the best possible way.

We talked to a very committed colleague about World Cleanup Day and asked what motivates him to collect waste:

Thomas Edbauer (on the left of the cover picture) works at Greiner Packaging and has been responsible in sales for disposable food packaging (e.g. honey bottles made of PET) and for reusable packaging (e.g. kavodrink bottles) since 2006.

Thomas, you were very committed to our trash collection campaign in Kremsmünster and told us that you set out more often. What motivates you to collect garbage on a regular basis?
Since the opening of the Eastern European borders at the beginning of the 90s, I have noticed a dramatic increase in littering, especially in the area of traffic routes. On the one hand, this visually “pollutes” our nature, and on the other hand – which is even more tragic – the processes of disintegration of various types of waste and materials have extremely harmful effects on the complex biosystem of our nature. I cannot stand by and watch this happen: I have to do something to counteract it. Thus, I collect garbage in our place of residence, partly alone, partly with the family.

Was there a find that particularly surprised you?
What always surprises me are the strikingly large number of miniature alcohol bottles. “Dont drink and drive” is obviously not an issue at all for many people. One nice moment was when a man stopped his car and provided us with delicious smoothies. He also expressed his appreciation for what we were doing.

What would you like to say to people who just throw their trash into nature?
Only a functioning biosystem of nature ensures our survival. Our planet Earth is so infinitely valuable! Would you accept the garbage you throw out of your car window in your living room? Would you tolerate your neighbor dumping his trash on your property? Probably not.

"Man is in the process of sawing off the branch on which he is sitting."

Thomas Edbauer, Key Account Manager Greiner Packaging

A big thank you to all the colleagues around the world who went out and cleared our environment of waste! Here are some photos.

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