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Women’s Equality Day: companies hold the key to safeguarding equal opportunities

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26 August is Women’s Equality Day. At Greiner, we want to actively bring about equal opportunities at all levels. To mark Women’s Equality Day, we have set ourselves some clear targets: we want women to account for 35% of our managers and 50% of our non-production staff by 2025.

There is still a long way to go: women are generally underrepresented in managerial posts, their gross annual income is significantly lower than that of men, there are very few women working in sectors such as industry and in STEM professions, and female apprentices have been choosing the same sorts of traineeships for decades. In parallel, the number of women in work is rising, so the time has come to act. As a global business, we have a responsibility to promote diversity, and recognise and build on potential.

Women’s Equality Day honours those people who have fought to promote women’s rights and equal opportunities.
But there is still plenty of work to do. Although gender equality was formally established in the West decades ago, we are still falling short in many respects. This is also reflected in the gender equality and empowerment targets set out in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And for many women, discrimination, violence, and exclusion from public life and participation in society and politics are facts of everyday life.

Greiner operates all over the world, and we aim to give long-term support to women in all of our divisions and at all of our sites, and to increase the proportion of women and their influence in core areas of the company.
At present, more than 10,000 employees worldwide give their all to ensure Greiner’s continued success. About 40% of them are women – that is not enough. Although we have recorded some notable successes in the past few years, many tasks are still predominantly performed by men. In our view, we and other companies can only bring about an improvement in this situation in society as a whole by working actively to unlock women’s potential.

Our goals are ambitious, but the specific steps we are taking will help us to achieve them.
By 2025, we will increase the proportion of female managers at the company to 35% (2018: 25%) and the share of women working outside production to more than 50% (2018: 43%).

Every person is unique, and we value our employees’ distinctive personalities.
The differing perspectives of men and women enhance our innovative potential and enable us to develop better solutions for our customers. Different mindsets and approaches are the foundation of our success, which is why we see diversity as an asset and a driver of growth. This begins with equal rights for women, but for us it does not end there. At Greiner, discrimination is not tolerated in any form. To ensure that we live up to this promise, we have set up a whistle-blowing platform where employees can anonymously report cases of discrimination of any kind.

Diversity must be more than just a buzzword.
We are working hard to achieve our goals, and we do not want to turn a blind eye to breaches of our policies. Of course, current and future managers need particular skills in order to work effectively in a diverse environment. We believe that in international groups it is essential to actively promote and support the development of cross-cultural managerial skills. For us, this is a key success factor in the long run.

We will never achieve true equality without striking an ideal work-life balance.
Especially as we are a family business, helping parents and particularly women with childcare responsibilities to make a quick and successful return to working life is a leading priority. At the same time, we see such measures as the key to making us an attractive employer. This is why our Kremsmünster site has an in-house crèche that is not only open to employees but also to other parents living in the area. This allows us to play our part in improving support networks in the local area.

Large global companies like us have a responsibility to stand up for equality and equal opportunities.
The decisions we make today will have an impact on tomorrow’s world. Every business must live up to this responsibility. And we are leading the way.


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